Recycling of textile waste

We collect and recycle waste from many material groups and from various stages of production - cut cuttings, edge seams, yarn remnants, fibers. 


From the very beginning of our activity, we try to recycle as much textile waste as possible. We provide services to both large industrial plants as well as small production enterprises. We work with sewing rooms, spinning mills, manufacturers of upholstered furniture and technical fabrics. Recycling of textile waste is possible for both synthetic materials (polyester, polyamide, polypropylene) and natural materials (wool, cotton, linen). We have all the permits required by law that enable us to collect and transport waste. 


We buy tex­tile waste and raw ma­te­ri­als in the form of yarns, of­f­cuts and stock­lots. We are in­ter­ested in nat­u­ral fibers, for ex­am­ple: wool, li­nen, cot­ton as well as syn­thetic poly­ester, polyamide, acrylic.

Alternative fuel

Wastes that can not be re­cy­cled are processed into re­fuse derived fuel. We of­fer col­lec­tion and dis­posal ser­vices.


We of­fer a wide range of tex­tile ma­te­ri­als. We sell waste pro­duced in the pro­duc­tion of fibers as well as cut­tings from the cut­ting room.

We care for a better tomorrow

10330 ton tons of textile waste was recovered
130 ton tons recovered every month
87360 Mwh Mwh energy savings annually

What will we do with your waste?

Offcuts, clips and raw materials from textile production 

Materials left over from production, such as fabric scraps, yarn, fibers, can be recycled at Polfibra.

New life for materials

From the discarded materials, we create a fiber, which is the basis for the production of yarn. A ready-made fabric is made from it, which gives a second life to previously used materials. 

The waste goes to Polfibra 

We try to recycle as much waste as possible. In the case of materials where textile recycling is not possible, we offer attractive disposal conditions.